New CheckPlease features - SSO, linked accounts, candidate email flow improvements and more

We've had a lot of feedback from customers wanting to share their CheckPlease account with co-workers.

So we're pleased to announce that as of today, CheckPlease is freely multi-user - so you and your co-workers can all work together in a single CheckPlease account.

There are no per-user charges, so you can add as many users as you need for your business.

To invite co-workers to your account, click to the "Users" menu and invite someone by entering their email. As soon as they click through and join, you'll see their name appear in the users tab. Your new user is up and running and can start ordering their own checks!

Along with multiple users comes the need for a more powerful security model, so we've added three different user types: users, admin and primary admin.

Having multiple users is useful when:

  • you have a large organisation, with several different people all performing checks
  • you want redundancy, e.g. so when someone goes on leave, a co-worker can pick up their checks for them
  • you want to give selected people oversight of all of your checks
  • you want to set up someone (on the road, or at the individual's location) to do face to face checks on individuals without email
  • you need extra privacy - e.g., when you're checking existing employees, and you don't want their results mixed in with recruitment results 
 As well as multi-user, we've also added multi-account for all users to CheckPlease - meaning that you can be a member of several different accounts at once.

If you are linked to multiple accounts, then you'll see an account switcher inside CheckPlease that lets you easily jump between them.  

Again, there are no fees for multiple accounts, so set up as many as you require.  

Single Sign On (SSO)

For some customers, IT security and single sign on (SSO) are critical security mechanisms. So we've added SSO (via SAML) support to CheckPlease as well.
With SSO, your users don't maintain their own CheckPlease passwords - instead, they sign into CheckPlease using your corporate login. This could, for example, be a Google login if you use Google Apps for your business. SSO is great for user experience (instant login and no new passwords) and security (as soon as someone leaves your organisation they automatically lose their access to your CheckPlease account as well).

Improved candidate login experience

This one has been very important to us. With lots of candidates comes lots of time spent across lots of people on exactly the same process - securely logging in. So I'm please to let you know that a project we've been working on for some time to improve the candidate experience is now live on CheckPlease.

For some time, candidates who log into CheckPlease using Google, LinkedIn or Facebook have had a one click experience. However candidates logging in using their email address have had a slightly more gnarly experience, as they needed to jump across to their email to verify their address, and then back again.

Obviously every extra step makes things that much harder for candidates, so we're pleased that we've been able to remove this friction from the system. All candidates now get a single page experience for logging in, and there is now no need for candidates to do email verification. This has been achieved without any reduction in security.

We hope to see this enhancement pay off almost immediately in our metrics, speeding the time for candidates to complete the process.

Blue collar

One area we're currently looking into is improving our support for blue collar workers - candidates without email addresses. We've got some ideas already, but if you have any views about what would help make a great solution for candidates without email - let us know!

If you're interested in learning more about any of these features, check out our web site, give us a call on 64-9-9730990 or drop us an email at

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