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New CheckPlease features - SSO, linked accounts, candidate email flow improvements and more

We've had a lot of feedback from customers wanting to share their CheckPlease account with co-workers. So we're pleased to announce that as of today, CheckPlease is freely multi-user - so you and your co-workers can all work together in a single CheckPlease account. There are no per-user charges, so you can add as many users as you need for your business. To invite co-workers to your account, click to the "Users" menu and invite someone by entering their email. As soon as they click through and join, you'll see their name appear in the users tab. Your new user is up and running and can start ordering their own checks! Along with multiple users comes the need for a more powerful security model, so we've added three different user types: users, admin and primary admin. Having multiple users is useful when: you have a large organisation, with several different people all performing checks you want redundancy, e.g. so when someone goes on