We're live! CheckPlease - dashboard and API for Ministry of Justice Criminal Record checks

We're live! The first online dashboard and API for Ministry of Justice Criminal Record checks is online at https://checkplease.co.nz.

Please give us a ring at 64-9-9730990 or email at info@checkplease.co.nz if we can help you smooth the process of Criminal Record checks at your organisation.

For our existing customers - thank you more than we can say for your help in evolving our platform to meet your needs. When you sign into the new platform using the same email, you will see your dashboard.

We've rolled out three plans - Business, Credit and Member.

Business and Credit plans

CheckPlease delivers full service criminal record checks to you at $39, $49 or $59 for 3, 10 or 15 working day turnaround, with volume discounts for heavy users.

You just enter the candidate's name and email address and we do the rest.

Contact us for a credit account, for monthly invoicing.

Member plan

If you are a member of the Ministry of Justice's CCH online service (its easy to join and takes only a few days), then you may want to look at our Member plan, driven by CheckBot, our friendly bot that uses your own request form.

(Make sure you have your MoJ-supplied request pdf to hand when you sign up).

The Ministry will continue to invoice you at the end of each month:
  • $8.50 for Bronze (15 days)
  • $14 for Silver (10 days) 
  • $20 for Gold (3 days)
CheckBot automates the entire process behind our new ID wizard, reducing the effort for you down to less than 60 seconds per candidate on average. One person can manage tens, hundreds or thousands of checks.


We've also rolled out our API so that you can easily integrate Criminal Record checks into your own processes.

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